Transitioning To New Things

Hey everyone! I've decided to go in a new direction and some new ideas in my blogging. If you like to continue reading and having discussions I will be found at this address. Visit Nova Creatione! Hope to read your comments,share new ideas, and continue the journey! Please subscribe to the new blog to get updates … Continue reading Transitioning To New Things

Don’t Freak out, The Kingdom Of Jesus is Fine

Hey everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that the Kingdom of God is doing great. Everyone seems to forget that Jesus is pretty stinking powerful. The Kingdom and the church are fine. We need to keep building them. Nothing can stop Jesus from building His church. That’s right…nothing!  Don’t allow fear and worry to overtake your heart. Don’t entertain bitterness or hate towards any group, movement, or person.  Jesus promised us in Matthew 16 that He WILL build His church. Even the the kingdom of death and darkness will not reign over the church of Jesus. Nothing can stop the work of Jesus. Nothing. No person, group, ideology, belief system, or government.  The church and Kingdom of God will not fail, falter, or be stopped from saving and redeeming mankind. People are going to continue to turn to Jesus. They will be forgiven and set free; filled with the Holy Spirit, joy, peace…

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Some Recent Messages

Hey everyone! I figured I would share a couple messages that I have given recently. We have been looking into things like Answering The Call of God, Unfaithfulness, and Fear. Check them out 🙂 <p> Moses and Calling <p> David- Dealing With Unfaithfulness <p> Abraham- Dealing With Fear <p> Listen and comment below! 

Where We Start

"Orthopraxis leads to theosis." Simply put...... "Right believing leads to right action and therefore leads to becoming more like Jesus." It starts with this, "Taste (experience/live within) and see that the Lord is good! How blessed is the person who trusts in him!" Psalms 34:8 "Like newborn babies, thirst for the pure milk of the … Continue reading Where We Start

Fit and Well Placed

Jesus has an interaction with some men and tells them to "Follow Me". It's a common occurrence with Jesus. In this case in Luke 9, the men all say, "Let me just take care of this thing." and Jesus has a challenging response to them..... “No one who puts his hand to the plow and … Continue reading Fit and Well Placed

A Time To Grow From Simply Recieving God’s Grace

      I recently shared this on my Facebook. I am a big proponent of the Gospel of Grace. I believe it is the unmerited favor of God and the empowerment to move beyond Sin that would try to entangle us in this life, but I've been struggling recently with the question, "Are we … Continue reading A Time To Grow From Simply Recieving God’s Grace

Make A Difference

So God has been at work in me over the past couple weeks. You know those moments where you seem to be getting the same communication over and over and over and over again? Where every conversation, teaching, and scripture brings you to the same conclusion?One lady said recently, "It's because sometimes we're just too … Continue reading Make A Difference

Marriage Isn’t A Two way Street….

I always hear the cliché phrases....Marriage is a two way street!Marriage is 50/50!You have to meet in the middle!I have to be honest......none of them really ever gave me comfort or hope. Whether you are the person always trying to meeting in the middle with a spouse that doesn't even move or you are the spouse … Continue reading Marriage Isn’t A Two way Street….

Broken Before You

True sacrifice to God is a broken spirit. A broken and chastened heart, God, you will not despise. Show favor to Zion in your good pleasure; and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Psalms 51:17-18 Man do I feel broken today. I have experienced something crushing and days later I am still wrestling with it and … Continue reading Broken Before You

One of the worlds greatest Uncles

He was an amazing man! He also led the Portland Michigan bands for years in to great times where being a part of band spaned quiet wall flowers to quarterbacks. From musicians who would continue in the same tradition of directing bands across the state like my uncle Russ to people who just got a chance to appreciate music. He was the reason I was in band and travelled to Europe to perform in an international jazz band, why I have a standard in leadership of both excellence and compassion. He still is the standard in Portland for what Marching band looks like and aspire too.

He will be missed…..


As a little girl, I had a fairy tail child hood I have spoke about it time and time again. During that time I was fortunate enough to have an extremely close extended family, we vacationed and camped together, we were together nearly every weekend, and we made amazing memories. The bond that existed between My dad and his family was amazing and it truly taught me how to love at a different level. My dad is best friends with his two brothers and was the middle of them making us very close to both. The family was raised with a love for nature and especially fishing. Many of our family outings were going to Ludington were we would camp and the brothers would fish all morning then come back at lunch and we would swim, have camp fires and play as a family. We had many laughs and most…

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