Broken Before You

True sacrifice to God is a broken spirit.
A broken and chastened heart, God,
you will not despise.
Show favor to Zion in your good pleasure;
and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Psalms 51:17-18

Man do I feel broken today. I have experienced something crushing and days later I am still wrestling with it and what it means. Have you ever felt that way? It hurts……it can make you feel unsure…….even to the point of despair. What do we do with a brokenness like this?

Maybe it’s in these moments we do exactly what the writer here does.

Rely on God

It’s in these moments where we feel the walls have been torn down that we come to God and say “Show the favor that you have promised and Rebuild build my walls……rebuild me. If there was an incorrect brick, replace it with what is needed. If Jesus isn’t the cornerstone, clear the ground and help me to build upon Him as that chief cornerstone.”

God doesn’t seek to break His people as some authority trying to prove His superiority, but He does in moments of honest humble recognition of our circumstance, desire to build us stronger than we were before. He promises to produce Good out of every situation.

My cry today is,

“Lord……where I missed it, put me back on course. Where I failed, give me new success. Where I was blind, give me vision. I come before you broken. My heart carries your passion but often my flesh tries to take the lead through haste, frustration, and mistrust. My heart breaks because I know the Grace I have received and I want nothing but that Grace to be evident in my life, words, and actions. I know I’m not there yet, but I know you will bring me to that place as I trust in you.

Post your thoughts!

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